Applications for TEDxAlisoViejo 2024 are still being accepted. Applications for being consider as a speaker at our event is December 31, 2023. TEDxAlisoViejo accepts Speaker & Performer Applications on a rolling basis for its upcoming events year round. Anyone can apply at any time and your application will be added to our list for review for future events.

There are a number of ways for you to get involved with TEDxAlisoViejo. Volunteers are essential to any community based event. Volunteer opportunities for the day of the event will be announced in the coming months. If you are really passionate about helping out, apply below!


Just complete the submission form below. You have the option of adding a link to a demo video with a maximum length of two minutes. Please note that we are a volunteer run non-profit and in the middle of preparation for the May 20th, 2023 TEDxAlisoViejo event, so we may not be able to answer each one. Thank you for your interest – and good luck!


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There are conference speeches and there are TEDx Talks. So what makes for a great TEDx Talk? Here are some questions about the nominee to help figure it out:

  • Is the nominee capable of talking convincingly about what you fervently believe?
  • Is the nominee capable of being authentic, believable and credible?
  • Is the nominee capable of being warm and accessible - someone one would like to be friends with?
  • Is the nominee willing to be humble and not dazzle and impress?
  • Is the nominee able to share a story and make it personal without having an agenda or selling a company/product/service?
  • Is the nominee willing to work hard on your speech, as well as supporting your cohort of speakers to make their talks outstanding, genuine, and fluid?
  • Is the nominee ready to go through as many rehearsals as needed?
  • Is the nominee willing to submit your presentation’s material (including final script) 30 days prior to the event?
  • Is the nominee willing and able to attend the entire conference and interact with attendees?
  • Is the nominee willing to publicize the TEDxAlisoViejo event on your social networking sites?
Which of the following categories apply to your talk?
Have you already presented at TED or TEDx? (We give strong preference to ideas not already shared on the TED or TEDx stage) *
Are you ready to go through as many rehearsals as needed?
I understand that TEDx speakers are not paid for their talks and the talks must strictly adhere to the TEDx guidelines. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by email. *